JOIN THE BAND! The Bevvy Sisters also have a great wealth of experience in leading choirs.

'I came along, feeling very apprehensive but thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The workshop was great fun: it's a joy to sing with other people who love to sing'

'Great music. Great workshop. Double Delicious!'

Really enjoyed the workshop and the chance to perform with you. You built up our confidence really well'

'Scary, but fun!'  

Heather has over thirty years experience as a singer and arranger of vocals. She is Musical Director of the 100-strong Soundhouse Choir which she founded in 2016 in partnership with the Soundhouse Organisation. They have since performed in some of Edinburgh's most prestigious venues - Usher Hall, Scottish Parliament, Greyfriars Kirk and Queens Hall. Queens Hall also give their support and endorsement to the choir. They have recorded on an album, collaborated with some of Scotlands best musicians and been invited to appear both in a movie and at the Cuban International Choir Festival.

Gina too brings thirty years experience as a performer, choir leader and arranger having run several notable choirs in Edinburgh with accompanying concerts in the same prestigious halls. Currently, in her hometown she co-leads the wonderful Pathhead Choir with Sophie Bancroft who celebrate their twelfth year this year. 

In a workshop setting, David brings with him over 20 years experience as an accompanist and arranger. He leads the bass section of the choir and provides accompaniment with guitar.

The Bevvy Sisters are dying to meet your local singers and create an experience together that’s beyond ‘the ‘gig’.

We invite your local community to work with us towards a performance together in your village, town or city, or at your festival. 

It does not matter how big or small the choir is nor what ability or experience it has, we have worked with numbers of six to three hundred!


Q: How do we create this truly all-round educational and heartful experience? 

A: Simple! 

Same-day workshop & gig.

1 The Bevvy Sisters host a two-hour afternoon workshop to teach two songs.

2 The Bevvy Sisters perform a full evening concert

3 Workshop participants join The Bevvy Sisters onstage for a rousing finale of the concert.

In the process of learning the songs we will cover all aspects of singing including technique, dynamics, expression, groove. Then in taking those to the stage, all the lessons that performance presents - commitment, presentation, energy and anxiety and adrenalin management!

In the case of single-session workshops there is no necessary advance requirements in terms of music preparation.  


Q: How do we make something bigger happen?

A: Talk to us!

Bigger scale or site specific - Here’s a select CV of some of sublime projects we’ve produced over the last couple of years:

2018  WEA Highland -  Working over two months, in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the introduction of a vote for women. The Bevvy Sisters travelled for three separate workshops with a pop-up choir and a local choir-leader for the period. The project aculminated in a celebratory concert together in Strathpeffer Pavilion. See it live HERE. The best news is that the Highland Women's Choir still continues! 

2018 Southern Fried Festival - Blue Rose Code/ The Bevvy Sisters/ Southern Fried Voices - Again over two months and working together with the project choir leader we worked with the festival specific choir of sixty voices towards a memorable live performance in Perth Theatre. See it LIVE HERE

2018 Album Recording - We featured the Soundhouse Choir as special guests on two original tracks on our album This Moment. Launched at Queens Hall and attended by just shy of an audience of four hundred. See Gina's Get One Life with the choir at Greyfriars Kirk HERE

2019 Glasgow Jazz Festival - The Bevvy Sisters and the legendary Jazz singer, Fionna Duncan. Celebrating her 80th birthday and her memorable Jazz Vocal Masterclasses at the same festival at which each of the Bevvys studied. A pop-up choir of thirty signed up for the day and in two hours produced two fantastic songs performed as the finale of the sold-out concert.

2019 Queens Hall, Edinburgh - The Gospel According to Niz, The Bevvy Sisters & Soundhouse Choir. Gina & Heather created choir arrangements for five of these beautiful gospel songs then worked the choir into the material over a term to perform all together on the night. Read the four-star review from the Scotsman HERE. See it live HERE

For larger projects then parts (both audio and score) can be sent in advance to local choir-leaders.


Q: How do we pay for it?

A: Talk to us!

We understand that there are as many ways to make things happen as there are people, depending on the circumstances. 

If organisations do not have a fund for education available, a two-tier ticket price may be a feasible idea ie. Workshop+gig / Gig only 

Please do feel welcome to talk to us about this. We will do our best to work something out.


Producing great gigs putting the emphasis firmly on fun! #ourgigisyourgig

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