Further to The Bevvy Sisters work onstage with they have also collectively a great wealth of experience in leading choirs.


Heather has over twenty years experience as a singer and arranger of vocals and has in the last few years been increasingly sought after as a choir leader. She formed the 75-strong Soundhouse Choir in October 2016. 2018 sees an appearance in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall in a collaboration with four other city choirs that will amass 500 voices as well as recording and performing with The Bevvy Sisters.


Gina has over 20 years experience as a choir leader and arranger having run several notable choirs in Edinburgh with accompanying concerts in the Usher Hall and Queens Hall. Currently, in her hometown she co-leads the wonderful Pathhead Choir with Sophie Bancroft who celebrate their tenth year this year. Outside her musical work Gina is a Primary School teacher.


Lou brings with her - as well as years of teaching, performing, recording and arranging – past experience with the famous Roundhouse Choir in London appearing at the Roundhouse with Boy George and Mark Ronson.


In a workshop setting, David brings with him over 20 years experience as an accompanist, arranger and writer having worked at length with the likes of Finlay Quaye and Salsa Celtica as well as being the instrumental one-man accompanist for The Bevvy Sisters since their inception. He leads the bass section of the choir and provides accompaniment with guitar.


The Bevvy Sisters simply wish to bring together all their skills, meet your community and have an experience that’s beyond just the ‘gig’.

They would therefore now like to extend an invite to your local community choir(s) to be their special guests to work with them towards a performance together in your village, town or city.

It does not matter how big or small the choir is nor what ability or experience it has.

AN EXAMPLE OF HOW THIS MIGHT WORK: This is completely flexible depending on your situation or set up.

To make this happen, the ‘gig’ then has three stages providing a truly all-round educational and heartful experience for both the local choir and the band.


1 Parts (both audio and score) are sent in advance to choir-leaders.

2 The Bevvy Sisters would host a workshop(s) ahead of their performance. (How many workshops depends on the project.)

3 The Choir join The Bevvy Sisters onstage to perform the pieces.


The choir instead of paying for a workshop should purchase a ticket instead for the concert, so that financial capacity for the venue is not reduced. How that is accounted for depending on local financial structures can be further discussed.


Due to the evening nature of the end result this is perhaps better suited to adult choirs, however The Bevvy Sisters also delight in teaching kids so please talk to us to see what’s possible.


Producing great results whilst putting the emphasis on having fun!


Contact Dr John Barrow to express your interest. m: 07968131737