The Bevvy Sisters simultaneously channel the heritage of such classic sister-acts such as the the Pointers and the Boswells, while their own diverse backgrounds and collective songwriting skills reinvent the female trio formula.

Whilst nodding to their influences they put original songs, great singing and attitude at the forefront of what they do.

'The sound that erupts is quite captivating. The audience know they've seen something special' * * * * * Broadway Baby

Over the last decade 'The Bevvys' have become a recognised house for great singers and songwriters and have over that time featured seven stunning vocalists,  Lindsey Black, Kaela Rowan, Roberta Pia, Cera Impala and Louise Murphy, with the longstanding Heather Macleod and Gina Rae, each with their own notable style and crucially the ability to move across different styles with ease. In constant support of the big voice is David Donnelly, multi-hatted instrumental backbone, producer and bass singer.

The Bevvy Sisters move with life, incorporating new voices and inspiring new blends whilst still retaining their recognisable sound. The uncanny musical empathy and alchemy that’s always been The Bevvy Sisters’ trademark, stamping their identity on everything from golden oldies to soulful self-penned ballads, never fails to resound with renewed vitality.

'Best of the Fest' BBC @ Edinburgh Fringe.

Debut album St James Sessions, launched with a sold-out show at Glasgow’s world-famous Celtic Connections festival in 2010, Plan B arrived in 2014 to sold out shows in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London and their most recent This Moment  in 2018 saw them stretching into the studio setting with a much wider sonic range and a host of guest musicians. All three received glowing reviews and world-wide airplay, their captivating live shows, more recently featuring choirs, continue to extend their dedicated fan-base.

If the sweetness of the sound ever fools you into thinking you're listening to a reincarnated Andrews Sisters, then a few seconds later there will be a counterpunch that reminds that there's much more to this band than sweetness, whether that be vocal fireworks, that awesome bass voice or just something daft. The Bevvy Sisters are a thing of beauty. Go Live | Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival

Besides headline appearances at as many genres of festivals as they cover themselves musically, they’ve arranged and performed backing vocals with English folk star Eliza Carthy, Scottish super-trio Lau, Eddi Reader, Karine Polwart, they were BVs in Dick Gaughan's regular band and were featured on a track with Peggy Seeger in an international project involving iconic fiddler and singer Dave Swarbrick, Jason Wilson and Dick Gaughan. 

They celebrated their tenth anniversary with two very special shows, at Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival and Celtic Connections with the original rhythm section, James Macintosh (drums) and Emma Smith (bass), featuring new material and arrangements for six vocals.

'It’s not often that you go to a gig and are captivated right from the opening notes – but that’s what happened' * * * * Scotsman

Over the last couple of years they have worked on many one-off site or festival specific projects involving local choirs.  Last year was a year of collaboration joining forces with legends such as Fionna Duncan at Glasgow Jazz Festival, and The Gospel According to Mr Niz. in Queens Hall, Edinburgh. Both gigs, as well as collaborating on pieces with the legends themselves,  involved preparing choirs to be a key element of the performance.

The Bevvy Sisters are particularly interested in developing the workshop and choir element in what they do, wherever possible.

Check out our Workshops page to read more about this.


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